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Important information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) 7/2020

Recommendations before traveling

Regarding the current situation due to coronavirus, we recommend clients to follow the latest travel notices published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MFA), which includes current warnings and recommendations on:

In countries listed on the site as "Health Safe Countries", COVID-19 disease is covered.

Medical expenses insurance during your stay abroad

If the insured in the countries designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic as safe becomes ill with COVID-19, he / she has the medical costs due to the illness covered in accordance with the relevant travel insurance, insurance conditions and in accordance with the conditions agreed in the insurance contract. These are usually the costs of outpatient treatment, prescribed medication, hospitalization and treatment during hospitalization, or repatriation back to the Czech Republic.

Which cases are not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance does not cover cases when the insured event could have been foreseen, expected or was already known at the time of concluding the insurance contract. This category also includes countries where the current epidemiological situation has been assessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic as high-risk, and therefore with a high probability of possible coronavirus infection. These are countries that are not included in the "Health Safe Countries" category. If the client travels to such a country, travel insurance does not cover COVID-19.

Quarantine abroad

Quarantine and related costs (accommodation, meals) are not considered as costs for the provision of health care and therefore are not covered by medical expenses insurance. Travel insurance also does not cover the cost of replacement transport back home after being quarantined.

The assistance service is a support

The assistance service is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of an unexpected event abroad, we recommend contacting it. They will advise the client on how to proceed and what they are entitled to in the given situation.

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