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ERAPO insurance has been created by professionals to meet the requirements of the ERASMUS + programme and the needs of students and pedagogical workers. You can take out the insurance easily online, in a few minutes, without the necessity of visiting the insurance company or writing requests for an extraordinary liability coverage that is required for most types of mobilities.

ERAPO travel insurance can be taken out by university students, secondary school students, graduates, pedagogical staff and teachers. To put it simply, by everyone who is going on ERASMUS + stay.

Yes, it can. The insured (a person covered by the insurance policy) can be a citizen of any country.  The policyholder (a person who takes out the insurance policy) can be a citizen of any country, however, they must have an assigned National Identification Number (Birth Number).

It is necessary to submit the Certificate of Insurance and the draft of the Insurance Contract to your ERASMUS+ coordinator. You will receive both documents by e-mail immediately after taking out ERAPO travel insurance online. The Certificate contains all necessary information for your ERASMUS+ coordinator – the insurance policy period, the insurance risks and the coverage territory.

It is easy to take out ERAPO travel insurance and you will manage it in a few minutes. To take out the insurance, you will particularly need the information about the selected ERASMUS+ programme (the type of mobility, date, destination) and the information about the person who is travelling through ERASMUS+.

The travel insurance for ERASMUS+ can be taken out easily online via our website. You will receive all necessary documents electronically by e-mail and you can send the payment by bank transfer via online banking or by a direct deposit to our bank account in the bank. There is no need to go anywhere and you will arrange everything online in a few minutes.

The insurance policy period is the period of time limited by the commencement date and the expiration date of the insurance risk coverage abroad. Please, make sure that you have a valid insurance coverage during all your stay abroad. If an insurance event occurs out of the valid insurance period, the damage will not be covered by the insurance company. The validity period of the insurance coverage does not necessarily need to coincide with the dates of the ERASMUS+ programme stay. If you decide to travel abroad earlier, or, if you extend your stay after the end date of the programme, select such an insurance policy period that is valid during all your stay abroad.  ERAPO insurance covers all types of damage even during your private stay abroad, i.e. you do not have to have a separate contract for the period outside the ERASMUS+ programme. We recommend  our clients that they consider the possibility of delays/cancellations of their booked transportation due to weather, strikes or other unexpected events and extend the insurance policy period by one or two additional days when taking out the insurance.

ERAPO travel insurance is valid in those countries you select during the application process by choosing the destination (the country you are travelling to) or by selecting directly one of three insurance rates according to the following areas:
1. Czech Republic – the insurance is valid only in the Czech Republic
2. Europe – the insurance is valid in Europe + Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the European part of the Russian Federation
3. World – the insurance is valid in all countries of the world
4. Slovak Republic – the insurance is valid only in the Slovak Republic

ERAPO travel insurance is adjusted to all types of the ERASMUS+ programme mobilities – Study mobility, Traineeship, Training and even Teaching.

You will select one of three risk classes directly in the insurance calculator according to the activities you will carry out abroad:
1. Tourist – select if you plan to carry out activities not included in the risk class Manual work or Sport
2. Manual work –  select if you plan to carry out some of the activities included in the risk class Manual work
3. Sport – select if you plan to carry out some of the activities included in the risk class Manual work or Sport

Individual ERAPO insurance packages differ from each other in their scope of coverage of insurance risks, which can occur during your stay abroad. The ERAPO Basic package may not contain the necessary coverage of insurance risks required by the ERASMUS+ programme for the Traineeship, Training and Teaching mobilities, therefore, pay more attention to the choice of the package, please. You can find the detailed information about particular risks and coverage limits directly in our ERAPO insurance calculator, under the part with the comparison of insurance packages.

The policyholder is a person (natural or legal) who takes out the insurance policy. The insured is a person covered by the insurance policy (a participant of the ERASMUS+ programme). The policyholder and the insured are mostly the same person – for instance, if you take out ERAPO insurance policy for your mobility abroad, you are the policyholder and the insured at the same time.

Immediately after you conclude the travel insurance contract on, you will receive all necessary documents to your e-mail:
1. Insurance Contract (a draft of the Insurance Contract)
2. Insurance Card with important information in case of an insurance event
3. Insurance Conditions for your ERAPO insurance
4. Insurance Payment Order – information about the payment
5. Certificate of Insurance for the ERASMUS+ coordinator
6. Certificate of Insurance for the ERASMUS+ programme in the English language
7. Data Protection Form
8. Information for the consumer and information about the insurance contract
9. Form about important contractual conditions related to ERAPO insurance

You can pay for ERAPO insurance easily by bank transfer or by a direct deposit to our bank account in the bank. You will get all necessary information for the payment by e-mail after  concluding the contract. The insurance has to be paid no later than on the day of departure.

We recommend that you have with you a printed Insurance Card that you will receive after concluding the contract. The Insurance Card has the dimensions of a classic credit card and contains all the important information needed to solve an insurance event.

In case of any insurance event it is needed to contact our non-stop assistance service where they will provide you with the necessary information about how to proceed in the given situation. The assistance service phone number and all the necessary data to report the insurance event can be found on the Insurance Card, which you should always have with you during your stay abroad. You will receive the Insurance Card after concluding the contract.

ERAPO travel insurance offers you an advantageous price of insurance with a discount up to 35% compared to a conventional travel insurance. The price of your insurance is determined by the following parameters:
1. Length of your stay abroad (insurance policy period)
2. Activities you will carry out when abroad (Tourist, Sport, Manual work)
3. Destination of your stay abroad (Czech Republic, Europe, World)
4. Selected insurance risks (ERAPO Basic, Standard, Premium package)

The travel insurance via the portal is a unique insurance product on the market. It has been particularly created to meet the needs of the ERASMUS+ programme mobilities and it covers all their specific requirements. The main advantages of the travel insurance via the portal are the liability coverage for health and life damage and damage caused to the movable or immovable property that you will use abroad during your mobility at school or at the receiving organization.

You definitely do. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will only provide you the necessary healthcare, it has limited territorial validity and, moreover, it does not satisfy the requirements of more types of the ERASMUS+ programme mobilities. In some countries, you can even pay a deductible in case of treatment or operation.

Yes, indeed. And there are more reasons...The annual travel insurance is a good option provided that you often travel abroad. However, in case of a longer stay abroad you may come across the problem with the limit of the maximum length of stay and, moreover, no annual insurance meets the requirements for the insurance of more types of the ERASMUS+ programme mobilities.

A deductible is an agreed amount by which the insured participate in the insurance claim in case of an insurance event. Nobody likes the deductible, that is why you do not pay any deductible for damage related to the risks of medical costs, accident or general liability insurance. There is only the deductible of 15EUR related to the risk of luggage insurance. You will find a detailed description of the deductible amount in the insurance calculator, in the insurance contract and in the insurance conditions, too.

In such a case it is essential to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108 immediately.

If you unexpectedly decide to extend your stay abroad after the end of the ERASMUS+programme, we recommend taking out a new ERAPO travel insurance. You will take out the insurance easily online, even from abroad, and you will make payment by classic bank transfer.

Then, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +421 948 188 108, please.


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